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Tips for selling clothes at Long Island consignment shops

A BCBG silk snakeskin print dress in the Tips for selling clothes at Long Island consignment shops What you need to know to fetch the highest price for designer duds A BCBG silk snakeskin print dress in the window of One Last Look Consignment Boutique in Locust Valley, Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017. Photo Credit: Linda Rosier By Janelle Griffith @janellefiona Letting go can be lucrative as far as clothing is concerned. If you’re considering a closet clean-out, there are things to be mindful of as you decide to divest: What to donate. What to toss. What to cash in on. Here are some tips from Long Island experts in the business of reselling on how to maximize your divestment. It may seem obvious: Presentation impacts purchasability. “Nothing is perfect, nor do we expect it to be,” says Matthew Ruiz, co-owner of Luxe Swap in Oyster Bay, which specializes in consignment and luxury resale. “But moth holes or giant irremovable stains are pretty much the resale kiss of death.” Some wear is OK, Ruiz says, adding that “it gives character.” At Plato’s Closet Commack, a seller of gently used casual clothing and accessories for young adults, merchandise must be ready to wear. “We won’t buy items with stains, tears or odors,” says owner Matthew Landsberg.

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